Townsville Enterprise in partnership with the Townsville Regional Engineering Cluster, the Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry, the Mackay Area Industry Network, Mackay Whitsundays Regional Economic Development Corporation, Bowen Collinsville Enterprises and Enterprise Whitsundays, held the first in a series of Consortia Contracting workshops in Mackay, Bowen and Townsville.

Over 100 businesses from a range of sectors attended the Townsville workshop held at Jupiters on the 4th of February.

The aim of these workshops was to inform regional businesses of the current and potential opportunities available in large infrastructure projects around the region and help them to understand what large Tier 1 contractors require for businesses seeking to do work for them.

Three major contractors working on the X50 Coal Terminal Project at Abbott Point, John Holland, Monodelphous and BMD, spoke at the workshops, outlining their requirements and the type of work opportunities they had available.

Most of the major work contracts have been filled on the X50 project; however we are keeping in close contact with Ports Corporation Queensland – the owners of the Abbott Point facilities, for advanced information on the X80 and X110 Coal Terminal projects.

Our goal is to give our regional industries advanced warning of new business opportunities within these and other major projects around the region so that a greater share of the work can be done by local business.

The consortia contracting workshops form part of our Supply Chain project, where we are working with companies to identify supply chain gaps that can be met by local businesses. For us to be able to understand what local business can provide to these projects we are collecting information from companies that can provide the following goods and services;

•Office furniture



•Belt splicing





•Hydraulic installations


•Small tools

•Field instruments

•Safety gear and Equipment

•Employment services and training





•Low speed brakes (for mining equipment)

•Conveyor belts



•Roller drives


•Take up winches


•Fire water piping

•Mining electrical equipment


•Electrical cabling

•Commercial electrical contractors – experience with high voltage

•Concrete suppliers

•Land Clearing contractors

•Steel suppliers

•Engineering firms

•Steel Fabrication



•Civil Plant Hire – Wet hire (including individuals/owner operators)

•Fuel suppliers

•Gas suppliers


•Gravel suppliers

•Sand suppliers

•Anyone who can make/supply ‘hold down bolts’


•Vehicles – i.e. commercial vehicles

•Consulting engineers

•Road builders