BAE Systems Townsville operation has been granted an extension of their contract with the Department of Defence until December 2009.

BAE Systems will also take up residence in the new NAACEX precinct (Northern Australia Aerospace Centre for Excellence) at Townsville Airport to accommodate this extended contract. BAE Systems in Townsville is an Authorised Maintenance Organisation (AMO) and has provided the Commonwealth with ‘Deeper Maintenance’ and associated support service activities for the fleet of Army Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters since 1995.

The extension of BAE’s contract was due to the success of their existing operation and the potential to deliver even greater support services to the defence and aerospace systems in the air, on land and at sea. BAE systems currently employ 100 personnel – many of them skilled in specific areas relevant to BAE services and it was very important to them to maintain the staff and consequent positive output. Queensland Airports Ltd (QAL) Managing Director, Dennis Chant, said the news that BAE had extended their contract was just another indication that big industry has faith in the development opportunities in the Townsville region.

BAE Systems is a global company with operations all over the world – to have them based in Townsville for an extended period of time is indicative of the success of their existing operation and confidence that they will achieve their business objectives in the future.