Joining the Australia-wide shift to move from the suburbs into the inner city, the contemporary Townsville city resident wants to have the benefits of city living on hand. With the creation of T1, living in the heart of the city has become a modern reality.

T1 sets a new benchmark for stylish living in Townsville and places the T1 apartments and penthouses completely in a class of their own.

The redevelopment of The Strand in Townsville illustrated very clearly to the city’s residents the stylish potential of their tropical Click to zoom on T1 Townsville City Apartments city. As a catalyst for improvement, numerous other city facilities have been and continue to be upgraded, making living in the inner city a very desirable, and now with the advent of T1, a very achievable objective.

You now have choices never on offer before. Plan now to at last live life to the full. The restaurants, cafes and night-life of the city beckons. There are new retail experiences to explore. The Strand, the marina , the casino are all close by. And you can stroll to work. Entertaining at home was never easier or more stylish.

Your local deli and fruit & vege shop are all responding to this new urban renewal and offer much more. That get fit regime can also become a reality. Life was never richer, as exciting or more fulfilling As you relax on your balcony and take in those marvelous views and reflect on the better lifestyle you now lead, you’ll agree T1 really does have it all.

e all know how much better life is in the tropics. Visitors come and often return to live. The fact that Townsville will continue to increase its population ahead of the rest of Queensland is testimony to the appeal of Townsville. T1 is destined to become one of the most appealing aspects of life in Townsville. For the fortunate few an idyllic inner city lifestyle awaits as they have the privilege of calling T1 their place of residence

Already the fastest growing city in Northern Australia, Townsville’s population increase is forecast to outpace the Queensland and Australian growth rates in the next five years. In the CBD alone there is more than $1 Billion in projects under construction, or about to commence. This impetus will undoubtedly result in significant economic benefits and even better lifestyles.

Such prosperity and the drive to reach new heights of achievement deserve to be rewarded with an elemental symbol representing the status of this thriving city. That new Townsville city signature will be a landmark residential building; the most prominent urban residential building ever built in Townsville.