The proposed Townsville Marine Precinct Project seeks to provide a dedicated marine precinct facility for commercial and recreational use at the mouth of the Ross River in the Port of Townsville.

The project would address the ongoing and increasing demand for marine facilities in the region by providing a sheltered, purpose-built precinct for the co-location of similar marine-dependent industries and public facilities currently spread around Ross Creek and South Townsville.

The proponent for the project is Port of Townsville Limited.

The proposal comprises:

  • marine industry allotments including a commercial slipway, barge ramp, ship-lift, docking facility and associated marine facilities to support vessel fabrication and maintenance.
  • approximately 50 trawler berths and two trawler maintenance berths
  • potential relocation of the Volunteer Coast Guard office and mooring
  • potential for private pile moorings
  • public boat ramp and car and trailer parking areas

The project has been identified as a key infrastructure component of the Townsville City-Port Strategic Plan released by the former Department of Infrastructure in June 2007. The relocation of existing marine industries from around the Ross Creek and South Townsville areas to the project precinct may trigger the redevelopment of sites vacated by these industries, as identified in the plan.

The proponent has estimated that the capital expenditure required to deliver the project will range between $100 million to $150 million and that it will directly employ approximately 150 people during construction.