Boccoccini & Cherry Tomato Salad

This is very easy and very lite. It goes really well with chicken and fish. Cheese and Tomato are destined to be used together. Ingredients 350g of Boccoccini Cheese in Brine 300g Cherry Tomato. (Vine ripened, organic if available, they taste heaps better) 3 Tbsp of Onion Chives. Finely chopped 1 Large Red Onion 1/4 More >

Classic Tomato & Red Onion in Vinegar

This is perfect for a BBQ. Is multi-purpose when used with a large bowl of lettuce as the vinegar is a great dressing. Ingredients Vinegar of choice ( White Wine is my choice ) 3 Large Red Onions 4 Large Tomatoes Salt & Pepper to taste Directions Slice the onion and tomato into discs Put More >

Greek Salad

So open to flavours this will accompany almost any main dish. It has the crunch of the capsicum and the smooth texture of the feta. Combine All These Ingredients Mesculin Lettuce Mix Strips of Red Capsicum Snow Pea Sprouts Feta Crumbled Kalamata Olives Cherry Tomatoes Red Onion Diced Dressing with your choice of vinegars

Tina’s Layered Salad

This has to be the best BBQ salad of all time. It is very creamy and full of crispy bacon so if you are watching your weight… Just have one serve. Bet you cant. Ingredients 1/2 Iceburg Lettuce, Shredded 2 Cups frozen Peas, Thawed 4 Hard Boiled Eggs 250g Button Mushrooms, finely sliced 1 cup More >