Josh Mills - Property Analyst

Profit in property is derived from intimate product knowledge and utilizing the most up to date market analysis to identify movement and future growth. Using a very strict set of guidelines I identify individual properties that aspire to be cash flow positive and have attributes that indicate strong future growth. The majority of my strategies have a timeline of around 10yrs to come to fruition, as should be the anticipated timeline for a low risk, calculated portfolio. Property represents the best possible opportunity for future growth, so much so that Banks will lend up to 100% of its value. If you can buy property well, both in terms of price and attributes then your fortune is inevitable.

Modern life is totally engrossed in the minute….the “gotta have it now” mentality. Gambling and “get rich quick” schemes profit from this human trait every day. I offer a principle of “get rich slow”. Patience will pay a dividend, and if structured it will allow you the financial ability to retire and enjoy far greater freedom once retired then if you were relying on the pension.

My role is to completely service you during your property procurement process and to tailor specific strategies that compliment your desired outcomes, and more importantly your true overall financial position. I assist in all facets of this wealth building process including securing appropriate funding solutions, most importantly finding the best properties and then ensuring the maximum tax benefits are derived. This fully tailored package will provide you with the most powerful way to build true wealth and is completely transparent.

You will benefit from experts guiding you through key issues covering property, legal, lending and taxation matters resulting in a fully tailored, totally unique approach to property investment that boasts strong ethical practices, the best possible data and an unwavering ethos of “the client first”.

If you enjoy discussing property, appreciate excellent service, and can identify strong systems and strategies then I look forward to speaking with you.

Kind Regards

Josh Mills

Property Analyst
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