Information and Some interesting facts about the Townsville region:

  • Townsville is the largest tropical city in Australia.
  • Townsville offers more then 300 days of sunlight a year.
  • We have three vast catchment areas that provide an ample supply of water year round.
  • It has a very relaxed pace, clean air and very little traffic.
  • Townsville is a gateway to The West yet boasts Magnetic Island and The Great Barrier Reef on its doorstep.
  • It is surrounded by natural features, magnificent waterways and top fishing spots.
  • Townsville is home to the largest big box retail complex in Australia. (i.e Harvey Norman / Rubelli Furniture / Bunnings and many others)
  • It is the commerce hub for the region. Boasting a thriving economy driven by three separate factors:
  1. Huge resources and mining boom that is driven out of Townsville, largely due to its Port and major rail infrastructure.
  2. All sections of the military are based here with over 15,000 personnel locally. Combined with over 15,000 students at the James Cook University.
  3. Providing housing for this massive influx of people is driving unprecedented property growth. As a flow on effect tradespeople and contractors from all over Australia are coming to work in Townsville.

Townsville is thriving because every segment of the economy is enjoying positive growth. Here is a common scenario: The person who works in the mines and resources sector flies back in to Town and buys a new audio visual package. That salesperson earns better money because of the increased trade and buys a new car. The person who sold the car then in turn has more liquid funds and often spends it locally perpetuating this prosperous cycle.  This level of organic growth means Townsville is heavily under the microscope from investors and businesses. The local economy and population figures for the region give great confidence when evaluating a potential market.  During the worst financial crisis the world has ever seen, Townsville property prices grew by 2.1% This is a great indicator that our own micro-economy draws its strength from diversity and is much more robust then many regions within Australia. Australia has weathered the financial storm quite well as a country, Townsville has had reduced growth but growth during these conditions is the best demonstration of fiscal stability.

Townsville is not only a great place to do business, it offers a high quality of life. No traffic, beautiful sunny weather and a fantastic community filled with world class activities